My Portfolio

3D Creations

Hippocampus Sculpt

A sculpt of the Hippocampus from Greek mythology

The Hunt – 2D Animation

A short animation of a cat chasing a laser pointer. I’m very happy to have had the opportunity to teach myself 2D animation, which is a passion of mine. This animation is based off a video of my cat Sambuca.

Portrait & Anatomy Practice

A portrait and skull study done in photoshop.

Watch Cinematic

A cinematic of my watch model. In this project I wanted to focus on realism, intricate detail, and the full 3D workflow. I am incredibly happy with the outcome of this project.

The music and dust particles in this video do not belong to me.

Fruit Bowl Render

An assignment to create a lifelike picture of a fruit bowl. The focus of this project was composition, lighting, rendering, and texturing.

Models: Dan Wade

Tyler The Creator Poster

A fan made poster of Tyler The Creator, created with photoshop and illustrator.

Townhouse Courtyard

A videogame environment made in Unreal Engine. The falling leaves, grass/weeds, and shrubbery are not mine.

That’s all for now!